ZRZ-1AS case for Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero W & ZUMspot with attached 1.3″ OLED



For Raspberry Pi Zero and Zero W (not included) and ZUMspot with attached 1.3″ OLED (not included).

Note: Raspberry Pi Zero 2 has not been tested for heat issues.

  • Full body coverage for Raspberry Pi Zero and ZUMspot with attached 1.3″ OLED (not waterproof)
  • Cut outs for easy access to ports
  • Can be used with ZUMspot without attached 1.3″ OLED – *Does not fit: ZUMspot RPi Board v0.6 With Nextion Display Header Connection*
  •  ZUMspot available here:



Based off the classic look of C4 Lab’s Zebra case, the ZRZ-1AS case allows you to elegantly combine the ZUMspot MMDVM hat and the Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero W into one package.  Room enough to house the ZUMspot with attached 1.3″ OLED.

This case DOES NOT fit the “ZUM Radio Pi Add-On OLED Kit” with attached shim PCB connector. Pi Add-On OLED upgrade kit available here: Zum Pi Zero Screen Adaption Kit

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Weight 2.6 oz