Zebra Tall Case – Pine A64


For Pine A64 (not included).

  • Extra layer height for HATs
  • Solid top
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This enclosure frames the Pine A64 (of the Pine64 family), while leaving access to the GPIO pins, and keeping it safe. The board is firmly locked into the middle of the case, which ensures it will not float around the case during use.  Every port is accessible and  exposed to maintain functionality. This version gives extra room for your HAT.

This case includes high quality stainless steel screws and C4 designed low profile nuts. because we are committed to building the very best cases. Rubber feet  and heatsink are also included for the same reason.

Zebra Tall Case for Pine A64

  • Extra height for HATs
  • Solid Top

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Zebra Slim Case for Pine A64

  • Shorter profile
  • GPIO access

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