Zebra Classic Case – Rock64 ~ Color and Upgrade Options


For Rock64 (not included).

  • Good ventilation & more room for HDMI cable
  • Includes heatsinks and rubber feet
  • Fan upgrade available
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Our newest enclosure frames the Rock64’s (of the Pine64 family) credit card sized elegance, while keeping it safe and leaving access to the GPIO pins. The board is firmly locked into the middle of the case so it won’t float around. This makes it easy to transport without fear of damage. Air vents allow cool air to flow over the surface of the board, and exit through the top of the case. Instead of the cheaper nylon screws, this case includes custom C4Labs stainless steel screws. Offered in Black Ice or Wood.

Instructions (click image to enlarge):

Additional information

Weight 4.9 oz
Zebra Rock64 Case Color

Black Ice, Classic Wood

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