Zebra Bold Case – Raspberry Pi 3 B+ ~ Black Ice


For Raspberry Pi 3B+,  3B, 2B, and B+ (not included).

  • Extra layers for more room for HDMI cables
  • Heatsinks and rubber feet included
  • Stainless steel hardware
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This enclosure frames the Raspberry Pi’s elegance, while leaving access to the GPIO pins, and keeping it safe. The board is firmly locked into the middle of the case, which ensures it will not move around during use.

Air vents allow cool air to flow over the surface of the board, and exit through the top of the case.

Due to the different cut of this case, neither The Sense Hat Upgrade nor the Fan Top Upgrade are compatible.

Instructions (click image to enlarge):

Zebra Classic Case

Zebra Classic Case for Raspberry Pi
  • Upgrade-able

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Zebra Bold Case

Zebra Bold Case for Raspberry Pi
  • Extra layers for added height

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Zebra Slim Case

Zebra Slim Case for Raspberry Pi
  • Easier GPIO access with shorter profile

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