Tavern Bundle Pack


An epic bundle for epic adventures. This bundle brings together a collection of terrain items designed to work together.

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129pc Tavern Terrain Kit

【ALL IN ONE】Massiver terrain kit for making D&D maps quickly. Surprise and delight your crew with this map. Upgrade from outlines drawn on a blank map, but keep the flexibility of adapting your map to the story being told. The perfect compromise between immersive terrain and flexibility. Double sided platforms give a wide range of maps. Quickly add terrain to set the stage for your story. The modularity of this kit also allows the map to be built as the story progresses to maintain the suspense.
【PLATFORMS】129pc Terrain kit includes 11 platforms, wood floor on one side and stone on the opposite side. Platform sizes: 10×11(1pc), 6×8(1pc), 5×6(1pc), 4×6(1pc), 3×4(2pc), 2×4(1pc), 2×3(4pc).
【TERRAIN】2 counters, 3 rectangle tables and 5 round tables. 6 beds, 30 chairs. 12 doors and one trap door with one side closed and the opposite side open. 12 resource sacks, 4 large barrels and 10 small barrels, all numbered on opposite side. 2 stairs. 3 selves with items. 1 fireplace. 9 window markers. 6 wall markers and 9 floor markers.
【PORTABLE】No need to delicately pack away 3d terrain and worry about transporting them. These pieces can quickly be put back into a resealable bag and tucked away from the next adventure.

Crates and Barrels Set

【Design】This scatter terrain is made with 1/8” MDF which has graphics printed directly onto the surface. Kit includes five creates which all include a different content type. Three barrel are also included for liquids. Dimension of both creates are barrels is 0.9×0.9×0.9”
【Five Content Types 】This set will give a game master the tools for creating an exciting experience. Players will instantly discover the outcome of their exploration.
【Easy Assembly】 No glue is required for assembly, but is optional for those who want a permanent bond. Easy to follow direction show how to assemble in a few minutes. Pieces will press together and glue may be applied for a permanent bond, but is not needed.

Dungeon Chest Set | Interchangeable Contents

【x3 Fully Colored Chests】 DnD terrain set ready to use out of the box! One large chest and two small chests are fully printed/painted.
【Interchangeable Contents】 These dungeon chests include 16 different possible contents options for your adventure. This includes three large inserts which are each have a contents printed on each side (Potions/Coins, Blank/Snake, Wand/Sword) . Contents for small chests includes five different fills (Blank/Snake, Key Light/Key Dark, Dagger/Book, Potion/Coins, Mimic/Rat).
【Easy Assembly】 No glue is required for assembly. Easy to follow direction show how to assemble all three chests in a few minuets. Pieces will press together and glue may be applied for a permanent bond, but is not needed.

Large Door Markers for DND Terrain

【Design】 Wood door markers (1/8” thick) with high resolution graphics printed on both sides. A 25mm base is rounded to allow the doors to be placed in the closed, partially open or fully open position. The base is made with 1/8” matte black acrylic which blends nicely with your map. No glue is required. Doors press fit into base with a small amount of pressure.
【What is Included】Two large doors markers (x2 panels each), and two small door markers (x1 panel each)
【Excellent】Perfect grid based games like DnD. These doors add a nice texture to any battle map rather it is 2d or 3d terrain

12pc Fire/Hit Markers

【Design】Made from acrylic with special flame pattern.
【What is Included】12 flame markers and base. Minor assembly required.