Steel Bastille | Dice Jail with Real Metal Bars



【TAKE CONTROL】 Throw bad dice in jail with one smooth motion and later release them casually with one hand. Be a presence at the table and don’t settle for a half-baked dice jail.
【DESIGN】Unparalleled design with unmatched durability. Door slides up and down like a trap door and will not open without being pulled up. Assembles quickly with a few screws and will faithfully hold any offender, even after years of use. Plenty of room to store two full sets of dice which means there is plenty of room for misbehaving dice. Miniatures less than 2” tall will also fit.
【MATERIALS】Nine solid steel bars with nickel coating held in place by stainless steel screws. Top and bottom plates are made with matte black acrylic or birch plywood. Steel bars are 2” long.
【PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY NERD】Who doesn’t need the ability to forcefully negotiate with their magical math rocks?
【100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED】Every product comes with information for contacting us directly if you have any questions or concerns.

A truly epic dice jail that will stand the test of time. Designed and made in USA by a team of craftsmen who love board games. We imagined what the ideal dice jail would be and went so far as to have custom hardware made so that you can have a centerpiece worth bragging about. The project required a desk full or prototypes which explored a range of designs and we finally arrived at a design which not only looks cool, but functions better than any other design we have found. We think you will love the simple elegance of the design and appreciate the care that went into every detail. Rather its for your DnD game or another RPG, this dice jail will put the power in your hands.

Will require 5-10 minutes to assemble and the use of a small Phillips screwdriver.

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Black, Gunstock, Walnut