Pirate Ship Bundle Pack


An epic bundle for adventures at sea. This includes all that is needed for for countless immersive stories.



25″ Pirate Ship | Upper Deck On Top Side and Lower Deck On Reverse Side

【MASSIVE SHIP】True to the scale of the ship it represents, which ended up making it nearly double the size of alternatives (25” long and 7” wide)
【FULL COLOR】Both sides are printed with full color graphics on to 1/8″ MDF. What you see is what you get. All pieces are printed on both sides.
【TONS OF ACCESSORIES】Includes 12 cannons (working version on one side and non working printed on the second side), 8 piles of cannon balls (full pile printed on one side and partial side printed on second side), 2 row boats (top printed on one side and bottom of boat printed on opposite side), 4 oars, 2 anchors, 3 truncated masts with crows nest, 1 placeable staircase, 1 plank, 1 helm with rotating wheel.
【PORTABLE】Three ship sections allow the set to be stored in a 12x7x0.5” container.

Riser for Pirate Ship
【Upgrade】This riser elevates both ends of the ship for a more immersive experience. The sides of riser are printed with full color to match the ship. Includes 3D stairs for reaching the elevated portions
【DESIGN】Riser comes apart to pack flat with the ship. Made from 1/8″ MDF

Island Rowboat Terrain Set

【PRINTED ON BOTH SIDES】Wood (1/8″ MDF) with graphics printed on both sides not only feels great but is much more durable than cardboard terrain. Construct the two barrels in minuets and start your adventure.
【MEASUREMENTS】Boats: 2×4” | Dock: 2.6×5.3” | Oars: 0.36*2” | Barrel: 1x1x0.85(tall)” | Shark fin: 0.5x1x0.81″(tall)
【ADVENTURE】Rather for a quest to an island in search of treasure, boarding and enemy vessel or making a daring raid on a coastal fort, these DnD map pieces will help set the scene of your next adventure.

Crates and Barrels Set

【Design】This scatter terrain is made with 1/8” MDF which has graphics printed directly onto the surface. Kit includes five creates which all include a different content type. Three barrel are also included for liquids. Dimension of both creates are barrels is 0.9×0.9×0.9”
【Five Content Types 】This set will give a game master the tools for creating an exciting experience. Players will instantly discover the outcome of their exploration.
【Easy Assembly】 No glue is required for assembly, but is optional for those who want a permanent bond. Easy to follow direction show how to assemble in a few minuets. Pieces will press together and glue may be applied for a permanent bond, but is not needed.

Dungeon Chest Set | Interchangeable Contents

【x3 Fully Colored Chests】 DnD terrain set ready to use out of the box! One large chest and two small chests are fully printed/painted.
【Interchangeable Contents】 These dungeon chests include 16 different possible contents options for your adventure. This includes three large inserts which are each have a contents printed on each side (Potions/Coins, Blank/Snake, Wand/Sword) . Contents for small chests includes five different fills (Blank/Snake, Key Light/Key Dark, Dagger/Book, Potion/Coins, Mimic/Rat).
【Easy Assembly】 No glue is required for assembly. Easy to follow direction show how to assemble all three chests in a few minuets. Pieces will press together and glue may be applied for a permanent bond, but is not needed.

12pc Fire/Hit Markers

【Design】Made from acrylic with special flame pattern.
【What is Included】12 flame markers and base. Minor assembly required.