JRZ-1SB case for Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero W & JumboSPOT or LoneStar MMDVM Simplex & Waveshare UPS



For Raspberry Pi Zero and Zero W (not included), Waveshare UPS Hat (not included), JumboSPOT or N5BOC MMDVM Simplex (not included), and an .96″ OLED screen (not included).

Note: Raspberry Pi Zero 2 has not been tested for heat issues.

Constructed of Clear and Black Acrylic and includes stainless steel hardware.

  • Full body coverage for Raspberry Pi, Battery Hat, JumboSPOT or LoneStar N5BOC MMDVM Simplex, and OLED screen (not waterproof)
  • Enough room for .96″ OLED screen to be mounted directly to JumboSPOT or LoneStar MMDVM Simplex by customer
  • N5BOC Lonestar Board available here:
  • Waveshare UPS Battery Hat available at many stores, including:
  • Cut outs for easy access to SD card and camera port
  • Comes with 2 tops: one with antenna hole and one without


The JRZ-1SB case allows you to elegantly combine the Raspberry Pi Zero/Zero W, Waveshare UPS HAT, JumboSPOT or LoneStar MMDVM Simplex, and an .96 OLED screen. (OLED screen will need to be mounted directly to board by customer).

We go the extra mile to make sure everything we make feels solid and looks great.  We use stainless steel hardware and acrylic to construct this case and guarantee you will love it as much as we do.

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Weight 3.5 oz