Explorer’s Pack RPG Game Box – 3 Color Printed Designs


  • Choose from three color printed designs: Celtic Knot, D20, or Dragon
  • Includes dice tray, box & whiteboard
  • Room for mini’s, dice, cards, etc.
  • Color Printed Celtic Knot
  • Color Printed D20
  • Color Printed Dragon


A case designed with the idea of holding everything you need in one place between/during gaming sessions.  Your dice, cards, mini’s, pens and pencils, a dice tray, and a whiteboard all in one place!

Space for more than a full set of dice, most standard size miniatures, playing cards (even double sleeved if you are so inclined) and a full array of pens pencils and dry/wet erase markers – and that’s just the bottom layer!  Comes with a small dice tray that has a platform to hold up to 8 dice, and 2 holes to hold pens or pencils.  Then we went even further and put a decorative insert that doubles as a white board on top of all that!

Weather you are delving the deepest dungeon or raiding a mega corporation under the control of an alien hive mind, this stylish case will suit your needs.

Perfect for every kind of pen and paper roll player needs!

Additional information

Weight 27 oz
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 3 in
Explorer Box Design

Color Printed Celtic Knot, Color Printed D20, Color Printed Dragon