Dungeon Chest Set | Interchangeable Contents | DnD Battle Map Terrain | D&D Mat Terrain, RPG | 25mm


Full color chest set for D&D with interchangeable contents.

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【x3 Fully Colored Chests】 DnD terrain set ready to use out of the box! One large chest and two small chests are fully printed/painted.

Interchangeable Contents These dungeon chests include 16 different possible contents options for your adventure. This includes three large inserts which are each have a contents printed on each side (Potions/Coins, Blank/Snake, Wand/Sword) . Contents for small chests includes five different fills (Blank/Snake, Key Light/Key Dark, Dagger/Book, Potion/Coins, Mimic/Rat).

Easy Assembly No glue is required for assembly. Easy to follow direction show how to assemble all three chests in a few minuets. Pieces will press together and glue may be applied for a permanent bond, but is not needed.

Ideal Scatter Terrain for Many Tabletop GamesCompatible with DnD, D&D, Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and other medieval RPG games.


D&D terrain set that is a grate addition to any battle map. Helps build suspense by giving the game master the ability to secretly choose the contents placed on the map. Made in American by a term of designers who love RPGs.