DnD Ship | Full Color | Portable | Upper & Lower Deck | 1” Grid | RPG and TTRPG


Full color (What you see is what you get)

25″ x 7″ (50% larger than many other dnd ships on the market)

Includes huge number of accessories


【MASSIVE SHIP】True to the scale of the ship it represents, which ended up making it nearly double the size of alternatives (25” long and 7” wide)
【FULL COLOR】Both sides are printed with full color graphics. What you see is what you get. All pieces are printed on both sides.
【TONS OF ACCESSORIES】Includes 12 cannons (working version on one side and non working printed on the second side), 8 piles of cannon balls (full pile printed on one side and partial side printed on second side), 2 row boats (top printed on one side and bottom of boat printed on opposite side), 4 oars, 2 anchors, 3 truncated masts with crows nest, 1 placeable stair case, 1 plank, 1 helm with rotating wheel.
【PORTABLE】Three ship sections allow the set to be stored in a 12x7x0.5” container