Display Dice Tray with Genuine Walnut Top – Hugo Brassleaf Special Edition


Dice Carnival and C4 Labs Exclusive Collaboration!

Display Dice Tray – designed to show off your Fancy Dice!  Genuine Walnut Wood* Top and Sunburst Orange Acrylic.  Padded Vegan Leatherette Rolling surface is UV Printed with custom Hugo Brassleaf character inspired artwork.

  • Designed to display your favorite set of seven die.  Genuine Walnut Wood Top with seven dice pockets-one for each die.
  • Padded Vegan Leather Rolling Surface – your choice of Black or Rustic
  • Designed for all Tabletop Dice Games and cut with precision laser tools.
  • Compatible with all C4Labs Dice Towers.  Pictured with new Colour Lux Tall Classic Dice Tower in Magma Orange(sold separately)
  • 10.75″ x 7.9″ x 1.4″ Rolling Surface: 7.9″ x 6.9″
  • Great Gift for your Game Loving Friends!
  • Designed and Crafted by Local Artists in Tacoma, WA USA

*Natural material will have variation of color and pattern*

Hugo Brassleaf

Hailing from a small district that was once the upper slums of Electrival, living was simply never entertaining enough as it was for Hugo Brassleaf. Good Paragons! This city was magic and the
impossible had been done before to ensure its survival. He realized he could make it big if he tried his hardest. Live the life of the high society, playing music and partying all day, every day. And so, he did try. He learned to play brass instruments, and became a slightly-above-average musician, but before long he was caught in the rat race of busking musicians struggling to book their next show. In an attempt to get back to his roots, he found an old back-alley shop, where he bought an antique version of his first instrument, the trumpet. But this was no ordinary back-alley shop, and this was no ordinary trumpet. With the few coins he could spare, he convinced the mysterious proprietor to part with the trumpet.

When it came time for him to play his first call on the trumpet, he found that it was clogged. So he took a deep breath and blew harder than ever before… and out popped a genie. The Fire Spirit did not reveal that day how it had become trapped within the instrument or where it hailed, but it was grateful to the young halfling who freed it and offered him 3 wishes as a gesture of gratitude. Hugo thought but only a minute before he knew what his wishes would be: Talent, Fortune, and Fame. Impressed by the conviction of Hugo and more so by his ambition, the Efreeti granted him his wishes and took on the role of his patron and label.

Before long, Hugo was living the high life and touring the seas and skies. For more than a decade, things were good. Everyone loved his jazz, until they didn’t. New styles of music popped up. New artist emerged. And while at first he was okay with his world slowing down a little bit, it wasn’t long before he was in crippling debt and struggling to find gigs. But that wasn’t the worst of it. Hugo is seeming to lose his touch. And the call that used to beckon his patron only echoes back at him now. But all of that is beginning to change. One night at the Crocodile’s Ballgown concert venue has sent him on an adventure that has forced him to face the source of his powers. And through the love of his friends and the city that raised him, the flame which had almost been snuffed out after all these years is beginning to burn hotter than ever….



Additional information

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 10.75 × 7.9 × 1.4 in
Dice Tray Rolling Surface Material

Vegan Leather



Dice Tray Size


Vegan Leather Color

Black, Rustic Brown