Castle DnD Dice Tray | Square Wooden D&D Dice Tray | USA | Dungeons and Dragons (Color)


Castle dice tray with padded surface and high resolutions graphics printed directly onto surface. Quite rolling and thematic feel. Perfect size for a full table. cs printed directly onto surface. Perfect gift for DND D&D players or dungeon masters


【PADDED ROLLING SURFACE】Satisfying sound when rolling dice, but not abrasive.
【HIGH RESOLUTION GRAPHICS】The sides/base of the tray are made from MDF with graphics printed directly onto the wood. The base is PU leather with graphics printed directly on to the leather. The overall effect is simple elegance.
【PERFECT SIZE FOR A FULL TABLE】 Gives enough room to roll without hogging the table. Great as a personal tray or a shared tray. Not only is this a great dice rolling tray, but it also is great for staging dice, storing game pieces… or just giving a safe place to put your keys.
【EASY TO ASSEMBLE】 Great gift for any nerd or friend who plays tabletop games, RPGs or just likes castles. No glue is required, but optional for a permanent joint. Visual instructions are included which make the process quick and easy. Expect the process to take 10-15 minutes.
【QUALITY – 100% SATISFACTION】This product is made in America by a people who care about quality. This product comes with information on how to contact us directly with any questions or concerns.

Note that this tray is one of the few that is not compatible with our dice towers.