Clear Dice Storage Drawer


No more messy caches of dice, proudly display your carefully/chaotically curated collection with the C4 Dice Drawer.
-Each set of drawers comes with six compartments, 18 dividers, and one large bottom shelf.
-Holds up to 24 standard sets of dice
-Clear Acrylic, hand assembled in the Lab
-Removable dividers to expand compartments for larger sets of dice
-Large bottom shelf for storage of chonks, minis, tokens, etc.
-DIMENSIONS – 10.5″tall x 6″wide x 4.65″ deep


Bringing organization to the chaotic good of dice goblin life. Waste no more time searching your bag of holding for the complete set of dice!

We’ve all have that one bag, or shoebox, we just dump our dice sets in, mixing them up like a giant container of rainbow sprinkles. The deep purple set just purchased for the Druid character is lost in the Underdark with other, similar, purple dice. The 100 matching D6’s we just bought for our new Warhammer group, but can only find 98 of them. That D60 we just bought for this one specific quest in the campaign, lost in the depths of the dice bag.
Well we say NO MORE! No more deep diving into an endless bin of mismatched dice, looking for that *one* full set. No more stacks of those containers the dice came in, that don’t really stack that well to begin with (how many of us have caused an avalanche of small plastic boxes by bumping into our desk?).

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UV Printed Color

Black, Blue, Green, Lime, Orange, Plain, Purple, Red