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PINE64 Cluster Case Discussion

Welcome to the¬†C4Labs inaugural “Crowd Shopping”, we’re excited to try this out and want to make cases that customers want and we hope this will give us a way to do that. If you have questions or comments, please leave them here and we’ll respond asap!

To participate in the presale visit:

PINE64 Cluster Case that houses a PINE64 CLUSTERBOARD with room for 7 SOPine Compute Modules

The presale requires 20 paid sales for the case to be designed and go into production. These sales need to be completed by February 25, 2019. If the 20 sales are not met by the deadline, then a refund will be issued to all presale paid participants. The case will be ready to ship 1 month after the 20 presales have been completed.

The case will feature:

  • Classic C4Labs form factor with layered acrylic and stainless steel hardware
  • Interior fans and ventilation
  • Secure design specifically for the PINE64¬†CLUSTERBOARD
  • First 20 limited edition color scheme


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